Stories of Kindness

Meet Kelli. She got into a car accident with insufficient insurance and lost everything in one day. She, her husband and 14 year old son spent the next three years living in tents or a car. Somehow, her son still managed to thrive in school. He is pretty amazing.  Sacramento Kindness Campaign helped Kelli to make a connection with a  great job. Once the connection was made, Kelli, wearing interview clothes supplied by Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, was ready. She interviewed for the position and got the job!   Now, she is empowered. She is challenged and made stronger by her job every day. Everyday, she is earning wages, benefits and paid time off. She is doing this on her own.   Watching individuals and families navigate off the path of welfare and social assistance and onto the path of independence is remarkable. Observing formerly disconnected people make friendships in the community is beautiful.   This is the heartbeat of Sacramento Kindness Campaign. It is who we are.   Much love to you, Kelli!  Sacramento Kindness Campaign thinks you are pretty special and is so happy that you are part of us and we are part of you.   Life is good.IMG_6345


Tonight I am in labor and delivery with Habiba. I do not speak Farsi. She does not speak English. But it is ok. We are friends. We teach each other a few words at each visit. And in the past few months,  we have grown very close. At parting, she puts her hand on my heart and says, “Dusta durum.” I love you. I put my hand on her heart, “Dusta durum, Habiba.” I love her too.    Tonight we have been walking laps around labor and delivery to help the baby progress. On the first pass, we looked at all of the pictures on the wall. We studied the baby footprints on construction paper positioned like flower petals. We greeted all of the nurses.   Each time we passed her room, I gestured at the door and again to the hallway to make sure she wanted to keep walking. After a few laps, we were done looking at the art. We’d already greeted the nurses a few times. So we started teaching each other to count in our language. We can now count to 20!   We are both trying to get some rest now so that when it is time we will be ready.   I know that Habiba misses her family so much, especially now. Her mother in law was with her for the births of all of her previous children. But her mother in law is not here.   I would never try to take the place of her family. She already has a beautiful family. But I am her friend. She is not alone. And I know that going through this together will give us a special bond for life.    I am grateful.